About Giant Goblin Studio

Why not for once swap the perspective and play as the bad guy?

Giant Goblin Studio is an indie game developer from Denmark, that is tired of always either having to play as a young, caucasian athletic man with stubbles or as a cute little animal with big eyes, who must go on a quest to save the world. We would much rather for once play as a middle aged Indian gardener or a huge evil fire-breathing dragon, who must fight their own depression.

Therefore, we try to switch the focus to characters that you normally do not play as. What does this change of perspective do to the gameplay and the story of a game? That is what we will investigate and work with to create new, exciting and fun game experiences.

Niels Goblin Niels Goblin (programmer)
Spent his youth learning to program video games, and he has programmed everything between heaven and earth, but prefers to create games. What separates Niels from your normal day game programmer is that he is also an artist. You can check Niels's expressive works out on his website.
John Goblin John Goblin (director / dramaturg / PR)
John had his own small film & TV production company for years before he threw himself at video games. He has BA in dramaturgy and digital design from Aarhus University. You can see a show reel of some of John early work in this Youtube video:
Maria Goblin Maria Goblin (graphic designer)
Maria grew up playing Pokémon and drawing cute creatures. Now that she has become a fully grown goblin she plays Silent Hill and draws big scary monsters instead. Maria is studying digital design at Aarhus University. You can see Maria's monsters and her other works on DeviantArt.